Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Hi! I'm Mariu. I'm a weird girl. I'm obsessed with rock music (any type of rock).
I like: listening music, drawing, painting, going to rock concerts, playing drums, playing guitar, flying in the space, watching series and movies, etc. I study the career of visual arts.
I love read Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Kafka, Poe, Borges, Cortazar, etc.
Favourites series or TV programs: The X-files, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Sherlock,Freaks and Geeks, That's 70 show, Undeclared, Dexter,Dragon Ball,The Simpsons, TBBT, HIMYM, The Walking Dead, The Following, Falling Skies, 2 Broke Girls, New girl, Supernatural, Misfits,Wilfred.
Favourites movies ever: Star Wars,Back to the Future, Matrix, TLOTR, Fight Club,A Clockwork Orange, Trainspotting,The Silence of The Lambs,Red Dragon, Inception, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Tenacious D,The School Of Rock,Donnie Darko, The Truman Show, Harry Potter, Men In Black...
I have a dog (Sheena) and a two cats (Alex and Bellamy).
Enjoy my blog!



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